Efective cross section of fuzzy dark matter halos

Efective cross section of fuzzy dark matter halos

Dongsu Bak · Jae‑Weon Lee  · Sangnam Park

Journal of the Korean Physical Society 79.6 (2021): 582-588.


FeSeTe has recently emerged as a leading candidate material for the two-dimensional topological We numerically study the movement of two colliding fuzzy dark matter solitons without explicit self-interaction and find the effective cross section of dissipative change in velocity. The cross section turns out to be inversely proportional to the velocity cubed, and we present its analytic interpretation. Using the result we roughly estimate spatial offsets during head-on collisions of two fuzzy dark matter halos, which can be related to the spatial offsets between stars and dark matter in collisions of some galaxy clusters. We also show that the gravitational cooling plays an important role during the collisions.

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